How we got here:
For years I was a part of the rat race. Driving a hundred miles to and from from my small town to the big city Monday through Friday. I had no quality of life whatsoever. I was miserable. In 2012 I went in to work one morning and was unexpectedly laid off. At first I was completely devastated. After the initial shock wore off and my husband assured me we would be fine without my income, I relaxed a little and took a few years off but I knew I still wanted to do something with my life other than be a stay at home wife.

I have always been creative and enjoyed making things for myself, friends and family. Finally having an abundance of time on my hands I started getting in to making as many handmade items as I could. Over the last several years friends have suggested that I open a store or an Etsy shop. I kinda laughed off the idea at first, but began to reconsider as more and more people would mention it to me. I began to ask God for guidance on daily basis on what it was I should do with my life. I have been feeling his push to go down this avenue so here I am working with my husband on our own little online business.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to create handmade items for people. I hope that they may bring a little joy in to their lives.

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